Day 2: Where’s my Advil?

Left Roncesvalle at 7 am after a visit to the chapel and hiked over 30 km to Akerreta. But the big news of the day is that my twin granddaughters are training for the Camino!

The chapel in Roncevalle is so quiet and peaceful. I would occasionally hear the voices or footsteps of pilgrims on their way. I was mesmerized by the stonework patterns.
First stop of the day at Bar Juan. I leave before breakfast is served and look for a place to eat about 2 hours into the hike. I am really enjoying the cafe con leche and tortilla slice.
During breakfast, it started misting heavily. Lisa geared up in her rain jacket and persevered. I went inside and had another coffee.
Escapee from the running of the bulls, spotted outside Akerreta.
Action photo, about 20 km into today’s trek. Much of the downhill sections were composed of loose and slippery slate with channels difficult to negotiate.
The Hotel Akerreta. This is 6 klicks past Zubiri where most pilgrims stop. It is definitely worth the extra effort. The innkeeper is very friendly and dinner was excellent. He told us some scenes from The Way were filmed here. We have decided to stay for breakfast for a change. Next stop: Pamplona.
Pilgrimette #1: First solo steps
Pilgrimette #2: Gotta copy her sister!

6 thoughts on “Day 2: Where’s my Advil?

  1. Hey Jim. I’ve been following you but only after Scott forwards your blog to me. I’m having trouble getting them to you. I hope I’ve figured it out!
    Good job! You are almost to Pamplona. Some argue you have done the most difficult part.
    You love hearing all about your day. Even the cafe con leche part. Keep writting. Love you.


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