20 miles with full backpack

I’m a worn out pup. I’ll write more tomorrow!

This is part of the downhill trek, but you can see that although beautiful, the rocks make for rough going. Later, I had to climb for several kilometers in 90+ degree heat. Almost ran out of water!
After reaching the top of the rise, I still had several miles to go to reach Cauriqui, in the background. Here I am next to in yard with grapes sweet, juicy and ready for harvest. A lot of other crops were harvested early or died in the fields due to extreme drought.
My first alberge. We have six in an 8-man room. The communal dinner was delicious and the company and banter great. 3 euros for a towel, pillow cover and sheet. Good deal because pillow and mattress are covered in plastic! Todd and Carol from Cordillera are here!

Tomorrow I plan on 20 miles to Los Arcos, but I will porter my backpack.

6 thoughts on “20 miles with full backpack

  1. I can certainly understand why you are a little beat. Sounds like a big hike tomorrow and I wish you the best and make sure you have lots of water. Be well!




  2. Thanks for posting, Jim. The hikes sound brutal but the camaraderie around the dinner table sounds like a great way to end the day. A little wine and you’ll ve fine! 🍷


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