Business and Pleasure

Lisa and I got underway at 06:30 this morning. We had a nice breakfast in Azofra an hour later. We reached Cirueña 12 km later and walked right through without stopping. Soon after, a gentle mist turned into a heavy mist and we put on our rain gear. Mine consists of a Hefty trash bag with holes cut out for arms and head. Cheap, but effective, dries out quick and rolls up into a tiny package.

The skies cleared up by the time we reached Santo Domingo around noon. After checking into our hotels and resting up a bit, we celebrated Lisa’s birthday a few days early with vino and pintxos, and later some Rioja truffles. But our greatest achievement of the day was booking the last 6 hotels of our trek. Many pilgrims walk only the last 100 km of the Camino which entitles them to receive the pilgrims credential, so we wanted to get our rooms reserved early as they are already scarce.

The precipitation that fell today came a bit late for fields of sunflowers all over the region.
The altar of the hermitage in Santo Domingo. It was quiet and peaceful even though outside the local people were getting ready for a festival of thanksgiving during which they give thanks for the harvest. It was not so bountiful this year due to the heat and lack of rain, but the celebration must go on! It includes a show by the Ballet Folklorico de Mexico tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Business and Pleasure

  1. Santiago Domingo… and another celebration… for the harvest…. Love the photo of the church and the “trying to bloom” sunflowers… lots of potential. Good you have your final days planned and paid for.


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