Ancient Trails

Just a quick note today. Had a long 20+ mile hike today and suddenly the afternoon and evening are already gone and it is time for this pilgrim to get some sleep. I am in Atapuerca, near an archeological dig that has unearthed fossil records of the earliest man in Europe dating back a million years. It makes you wonder what kind of spiritual quest he might have pondered.

It was a cold start to the day and did not warm up much until the sun was climbing pretty high. This was colder than I expected for this trip but had a good jacket and long-sleeves shirt.
Te he sunrises can be quite spectacular with condensation trails from commercial Jets creating interesting runes. What would Atapuerca man thought of these skies?
Where did Atapuerca man go for spiritual enlightenment? Or was he too busy just surviving? Did he hike through these same hills and valleys and forests?

2 thoughts on “Ancient Trails

  1. I imagine he was just trying to survive all those millennia ago.
    Beautiful morning skies. Looks like chemtrails to me!! Lol
    It may be getting colder. I think there are some mountains up ahead. Hope you have a warm jacket!


    1. Hi Jim, Thoroughly enjoying your experiences and pics on the trail.. we did the Portuguese route from Porto to Santiago a few years back…we splurged and had our bags delivered to the next auberge each night, and so we could focus on enjoying each day…will you be going out to Fin de Terre? Thanks for sharing your journey… Liz Feit


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