I did not set the alarm last night and I woke at 6:30. I rolled over and slept for another hour. The previous day had taken its toll, but now I was ready to set off again.

Last night, the innkeeper, Isidro, told me I should stay for breakfast, so I broke with my routine and had a coffee and homemade cake before setting off. I realized that the innkeepers and barkeeps along the road are an integral part of the Camino. Most of them are truly friendly and do their best to make your journey special. That is the way Isidro is. He takes care of every pilgrim that comes his way, whether they are staying the night or just having a drink or bite to eat.
Shortly after leaving Laguna del Castillo (and I never did see a laguna or a castillo) I left Leon and entered Galicia. This was to be one of the best days I have had on the Camino
As I entered Galicia, the Celtic spirits within my soul began to pulse and flutter. Strange but friendly sounds emerged from the woods. This little red-breasted bird hopped alongside of me, welcoming me to its home. I was filled with a sense of home-coming. I am normally an overly-rational person, but this inner sense of belonging seemed very natural. It has been with me all day and persists this evening.
I took more photos today than any other day but they do not capture the color and depth of being here. I edited this picture to try to recreate what I saw.
The panoramas were breathtaking at every turn, but impossible to capture.
Maybe a video will convey it better. And this is cow country, by the way.
An amazing old chestnut tree.
An amazing old man. Who can say we are not related in time and space and spirit?

4 thoughts on “Galicia

  1. I love reading your stories and seeing your photos. It is almost impossible to catch the beauty of panoramas. I love the photo of the old menu past. And of course the little birdie. You know mother loved birds and had a small collection.


  2. You are bringing us all a lot of joy and happiness Brother Jaime. Your spiritual journey …. Has been one for us too…and we have been fortunate enough to share a little bit of it.


  3. Your Camino is a beautiful story. Your early entries were about what you had packed in your backpack. Now, it seems, you have slowed down mentally and your eyes are now looking up, instead of down. Enjoying each new place even if it is only for a moment or two. Your Camino is coming to an end soon. Saria is on the horizon. And after that only 100 Km’s to go. I am sad waiting for the finale, of trekking into Santiago de Compastella. It is a bitter sweet moment. But then again, your finale may be only the beginning.


  4. We have loved reading your daily tales of the Camino. They have been so well that we almost feel like we have been along with you. (Except that our feet don’t hurt!) It has clearly been the adventure of a lifetime and your beautiful photos have made it come to life. Thank you for sharing it!


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