Short post today

Today was a very utilitarian day. I walked from Portomarin to Palas de Rei. I had a coffee here and a coffee there, none too good, but each good enough to take the time to drink. Arriving in Palas de Rei, I did my laundry. I met up with Lisa and we had a meal at Arenas.

And then an interesting thing happened. We had a discussion about what we had learned on this journey. We talked for an hour or so, with one revelation leading to another. Being a discussion between pilgrims, I cannot take it much further in this forum.

I saw someone wearing a mask today and it reminded me that I wanted to mention the issue of health, other than sore muscles or blisters. On the first day, a medevac chopper rescued a person, but there is not much information about the victim other than he or she was on another trail. There have been a few cases of Covid along the Camino. I know few of the details but I have heard of three cases. A few people I know of have caught colds or suffered allergies. There was one death of a pilgrim, apparent heart attack that I think I mentioned (Lisa witnessed the Guardia Civil managing the case). But most of us have survived and, God willing, will march into Santiago in a couple days.

One thought on “Short post today

  1. As you near the end of your camino, I want to thank you for sharing your experience with us. It has been delightful and inspirational following your journey. You are a gem, Jaime and I’m so happy to call you cousin.


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