Day 7. R and R in Bilbao

I took a break from the Camino and explored Bilbao from the medieval Casco Viejo to the ultra-modern Guggenheim Museum. There were people everywhere enjoying the sights and food on a pleasant sunny day.

Happy fishmongers!

I had my coffee at a nice place down from the Carlton hotel and then Peter and I visited the Guggenheim. We stopped by Bilbao’s Museum of Fine Arts along the way and then walked around the outside of the Guggenheim which was surrounded with tourists, buskers, and trinket salespersons.

The Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao was designed by Frank Gehry and built in the mid-nineties on an old industrial site and meant to herald Bilbao’s renewal as a cultural center.

Afterwards, we visited the Basilica de Beroña dedicated to Our Lady. The floor has a noticeable incline up to the altar above which stands the Virgin Begonia, patron saint of Biscay. I sat down and said a few prayers for three people in particular.

Bilbao was a great place to to take a break. But I am ready for tomorrow’s trek to Casto-Urdiales.

7 thoughts on “Day 7. R and R in Bilbao

  1. Bilbao crowded? I have heard the food is great there or are you clamshelling it?

    Great posts, watch the feet!


  2. Jim, I so enjoyed reading your posts on your first walk and when I read you were making another I was so excited for you and with you. Your journal notes make my day each morning when I read them. Blessings on your journey! Maybe one day our paths will cross again!


  3. It’s so much fun to follow your trip!!
    A few of us will be in Bilbao this Fall on a Rick Steves trip. Looking forward to that, but I feel that your time in Bilbao is likely better appreciated since you have been enmeshed in the culture of the area. Thanks for sharing this experience Jim…oops, Jaime!


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