Day 12. Gray Day

The skies and the weather forecasts were threatening rain so we geared up with our rain kit for our 10 mile hike to Santander. We started off from Guemes on country roads which led back to the coast. The skies were gray but still no rain.

It was bracing to be back on the coast with more breathtaking views. This was the first time I wore my new rain jacket. I felt as long as I wore it, the rain would stay away.

We walked along the cliff’s edge, stopping now and then to admire the views unfolding below us: crashing waves upon the rocks, interesting tide pools cut from eons of erosion, and crescent beaches catching the swells and transforming them into evenly breaking waves for the surfers who had come from all over Europe.

Finally the path led us down onto a very long sandy beach at the end of which was Somo, the village where you catch the ferry to Santander. Just as we were walking past the Solymar bar in Somo, the skies opened up with euro-sized rain drops. We popped into the Solymar for second breakfast and when we finished the rain had stopped. We made our way down to the end of the street just as the ferry arrived. This was our third ferry ride of the trip. This one took us to Santander.

Along Somo’s beach I stopped to photograph some of the interesting rocks that jut forth from the sand.

Arriving in Santander was a bit of a bittersweet moment. This was the final destination along the Camino for Peter. We visited some tapas bars, the Cathedral and a Pre-history museum before finally saying adios. Peter will fly back to California tomorrow and I will continue on the Norte to Oviedo, and then the Primitivo to Santiago de Compostela.

Peter developed a congenial Camino Family during his walk from Irun to Santander.

7 thoughts on “Day 12. Gray Day

  1. Hi Jim (Jaime)- I’ve enjoyed following your travels. And great to see that you met up with Peter! You guys are an inspiration- getting out there, keeping fit and enjoying adventures together. Hope to you see again soon when you’re back in Houston. Take care and enjoy, Steve


  2. Love yellow jacket, impressive Solymar Bar in Somo, so sad to say goodbye to Peter. How fond we become of people… enjoy tomorrow!


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